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Keep Your Crawl Space Clean and Dry

Crawlspaces are the largest cause of poor quality indoor air as well as many moisture related problems in your home. Musty and foul odors are the most common problems found in crawlspaces. Many times the most likely source of odors is damp crawl space air. We find many crawl spaces littered with various kinds of debris which is affected by the moisture in your crawl space and also provides an environment for odors, bugs and rodents to flourish. The primary way to tell if there is a substantial moisture problem in the crawlspace is when you see sub-floor insulation pulling away from its supports, or even separating entirely. Water is always evaporating from the ground. Even if the crawlspace floor looks dry, evaporation is still occurring. This is adding to the mold, damage and musty odors.

Control Moisture and Eliminate Odors and Bugs in Your Crawlspace

Our specialists will go in your crawl space and examine it inside and out, from corner to corner. We need to see what is happening to provide you the best options and cost effective solutions. We explain the causes of the issues in your crawl space, discuss what can be done to correct them properly and permanently and then we will provide you with a written estimate. Once work begins we will remove the debris from your crawlspace, evaluate the existing insulation; if the insulation can continue to be used we will let you know. If the insulation is failing, we will discuss your options with you. Many times, if the insulation is installed correctly and is not severely separated we can re-tuck the existing sub-floor insulation.

We will also treat the odors with an EPA Registered, Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free, Botanical Fungistat/ Disinfectant that kills 99.99% of harmful odor causing bacteria. When it comes to the vapor barrier, (vapor barrier is a high density material that prohibits water vapor from passing through it) we go one step further than the industry standards. In addition to the commonly seen standard of using 6-mil poly plastic, covering the entire crawl space floor, and ensuring a 12 inch overlap, we also pin the barrier with ground stakes to keep it in place if the crawlspace has any slopes.

Upon completion, the technician will go over all the work that has been done to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

We Offer Professional Services

There is no reason not to contact us and see what problems you may have right under your feet.

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