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Why Worry About Water & Mold Damage?

If you are dealing with water and mold damage or if you suspect there may be hidden water damage, it’s extremely important that you act immediately! Waiting will only allow the water to spread and cause more damage, which will cost more money to get things back to normal. Dealing with the water that you can actually see is just the beginning. Water can find a way into every crevice and cavity in the area. Aside from repairing any immediate damage, there is a lot of clean up to be done and the need for mold remediation grows, quite literally, with each passing day that water has been stagnant. With a timely response, you can prevent further damage, mold and mildew growth and potential health issues.

A Quick Response and Thorough Repair

Our team of professionals will respond quickly to identify the full extent of your water and mold damage, both obvious and unseen. After surveying the area we will take several measurements such as moisture, temperature and humidity level readings which help us determine the next course of action. Then we can help you understand what has happened, let you know what to expect and what we can do to start getting things back to the way they were. We will review our findings with you before beginning any work. Once the repair process has been approved by you, we will dry, dehumidify, deodorize, and disinfect the affected areas with a minimal amount of disruption to your day-to-day life. Your home or office, and everything in it are treated with respect. Upon completion, the technician will perform a final walk-through to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the results.

Some Things to Consider with Water Damage

  • Most importantly, you should act now! Waiting will allow the water to spread, and your costs will quickly begin to multiply!
  • Mold and other organisms can start growing in as soon as 24 hours in the right conditions. Controlling moisture is the first step to a successful remediation.
  • Water damage and mold growth pose potential health concerns. It can aggravate allergy or asthma symptoms as well as other harmful respiratory problems.
  • Cleaning visible mold is not enough. If you’ve come across a musty smell, there is a good chance you’ve got mold growing somewhere that you can’t see. We can find the source, and with our specialized equipment and trained staff, greatly mitigate the development of mold or mildew in your air duct system.

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